Top Three Conspiracy Trends Analysts

1. Gerald Celente

Gerald is perhaps the most covered and most esteemed media personalities whom deals with the subject of trends analysis. Recently, Gerald has come out with the top ten most expected trends for 2011, a truly chilling video if I have ever seen one. Gerald has been a master at his craft for over two and a half decades and his predictions have been eerily good. He has a very negative outlook for the future and constantly mentions that the little guys get constantly hammered by big business and big money. Take a careful look at his website, videos, predictions and make the decision for yourself.

Trends Research Institute

Gerald’s Official Blog

2. Alex Jones

While not officially a “trends” researcher, Alex has been at the forefront of conspiracy reporting, touching on every known conspiracy and even on those which seem beyond the limits of human imagination. He’s created tons of documentaries and full-length movies and is world famous for his video blog/radio show, The Alex Jones Show. Alex has been behind all the major conspiracy trends thanks to new tools and analytics and is on top of most stories as soon as they hit the public consciousness. Look to Alex for a stream of entertaining stories, but judge for yourself the actual trends and make the difference between fact and fiction.

Alex Jones Infowars

Alex Jones Prison Planet

3. Damon Vickers

Brand new to the conspiracy scene, Damon was launched into international acclaim in conspiracy circles when he bravely uttered the words “new world order” on a CNBC Asia interview. Since then, he has largely been written off as a globalist new world order sympathizer, but boy does it take guts to put your reputation and career on the line for a simple comment. Since that time, Damon has written and published a new book on the subject with a matching video in support. Either way, watch out for information from this big money manager, he’s obviously on the inside loop.

Damon Vickers Official Site

The Day After the Dollar Crashes

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